Embracing our planet and its people.

Leaving a future for those who follow.

We are heavily invested in the sustainability business. We live it. And we breathe it every day. Even though the product we make contributes directly to a more efficient use of critical water resources, this is only the beginning of our commitment to responsible planetary stewardship.

Leading Our Own Green Movement

We began by designing and building our engineering center with the goal of becoming a net zero user of municipal water. To achieve this, we capture rainwater; then deliver it to enormous underground storage tanks where we process it to drinking water quality. This water is then used to support the entire engineering center; from test benches and restrooms to showrooms and landscaping.

Our next target is to install a sustainable energy platform with the goal of becoming a net zero user of energy. While many may consider this impossible, we regard it as consistent with our vision — and we are committed to delivering this goal. For us this is just the beginning.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Our commitment to such an extraordinary level of sustainable engineering is built into our strategic plan. Not only does the strategy support our belief in responsible stewardship, it also enables us to maintain a competitive advantage that will further strengthen our position in the global supply chain, especially as secure access to critical resources become less assured.



Even after use in our LEED certified engineering center, the water is potable. The Art of Managing Water ®.