Having unparalleled quality standards is a unique advantage for our partners.
It also attracts the best suppliers.

Quality assurance designed for a global world.

Ever notice how a reputation for excellence can be a magnet for the like-minded? This axiom is in practice at William Marsh & Company ®. Our own people have been hand picked and trained to deliver extraordinary value in every position, every task. We believe they are among the best in the world.

And when it comes to our suppliers, make no mistake; we expect the same level of performance from our factories that we expect of our own people:  impeccable integrity and an unwavering passion for excellence. When a factory is selected to operate under the Marsh brand, it does so with an absolute understanding that their success will be measured by the level of excellence they maintain.

Joining the Marsh team is a high hurdle, but it’s one that brings extraordinary value to all stakeholders.

Process Driven, Reinforced With Hard Assets

At William Marsh & Company ®, manufacturing begins with a thorough, upstream assessment of your current capabilities,

elements of risk in your supply chain, and your goals for growth.

We then create a scalable manufacturing model that fits your business — with a supply chain screened for how it can add value to the model — all under a cost and product quality structure that can meet your business model requirements.

The centerpiece of this model is the Marsh Engineering Center; arguably the most sophisticated engineering and quality assurance facilities in its category. Combine this resource with hands-on management and quality control teams operating on-site throughout our supply chain, and you have strict adherence and intense focus to meeting timetables, budgets and world-class products.

Our manufacturing philosophy and approach ensures we double down on excellence and supply chain risk management. Ultimately, it’s the difference between production and a sustainable competitive advantage.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 17025:2005

Quality assurance is the backbone of a strong supply chain.