"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.
If it doesn't exist, create it. Accept nothing as nearly right or good enough."
– Sir Henry Royce

Classic Rolls-Royce – a noble standard.


The sanitary ware offering is engineered for outstanding performance and durability in both retrofit and new construction applications. Sloan ® water closets, urinals and lavatories can be mixed or matched with Sloan ® flush valves or faucets, providing the right solution for a wide range of unique applications. The Art of Managing Water ®.


The Sloan ® innovative flushing technology is available with manual or electronic valves for an ideal pairing with most of the Sloan ® ceramic products. Combining a flush valve with a water closet or urinal delivers a consistent, reliable operation that is designed to lower water usage. The Art of Managing Water ®.


Sloan ® faucets use a conservative flow that saves water while aptly supporting proper hand-washing hygiene. The sensor-operated faucets are either hardwired or powered by battery or solar energy while the solar faucets resourcefully derive power from any natural or artificial light source, and in so doing, they reduce reliance on two precious commodities: water and energy. The Art of Managing Water ®.


Sloan ® provides the most reliable products in the industry, but there are many factors that impact their longevity including water quality, high traffic, vandalism, proper installation, regular maintenance and plumbing systems. With these factors, it is important to use Sloan ® genuine parts in recommended maintenance intervals to get the best performance out of the product. The Art of Managing Water ®.