Our engineers see a design problem as a good day.

The greater the challenge the deeper the satisfaction.

Our commitment to engineering integrity is well known. Some would argue that the greatest benefit of our engineering approach is the rigorous discipline of applying high-level training with the freedom to tackle design with skill and creativity; all seasoned with a healthy dose of common sense. We see it as the sophistication of formal education combined with the street smarts of decades of experience being harnessed to make world-class products we are proud of. We seek these qualities in the people we recruit for they bring the greatest value to our partners.

Real World Supply Chains

The engineers at William Marsh & Company ® are all degree-trained, with years of practical experience. Each supply chain has individual characteristics embodied in its design as a consequence of company culture, industry practice and history.

Our mission is to study and understand the requirements of each partnership we embark on to enable us to design a supply chain that meets our partners’ unique requirements.

Once we initiate a project, we typically assign our engineering team working in close collaboration with our partners’ engineers and product managers to proceed with a rigorous and structured product development process. This process will start with evaluating the product line, benchmarking competitive products and defining the project scope.

The next step in the process is concept design and specification. During this stage, concept designs are established and combined with performance specification in order to establish the product positioning.

Success By Design

Thereafter, the engineering design stage establishes detailed engineering drawings, production of samples and analysis of sample performance to enable the confirmation of the proposed engineering design.

The rigorous product development process then evolves into a qualification test plan which is established to enable the final release of engineering drawings and bills of materials.

Once the qualification test plan has been completed, a verification and pilot run production stage is required to confirm manufacturing processes, gauges and production control. Once verified and confirmed, the product is approved for launch into full production.

Whether we work on our own proprietary products or in concert with our partners’ engineers, our persistent engineering aim is the same: World-class products. Operational excellence. Zero defects.



Engineering precision drives manufacturing excellence.