China and the global supply chain.
The difference between managed risk and a mindless gamble.

We deal with turbulence at every stage.

It is no secret that there’s a vast gap between recognizing your opportunity and owning it. The risks can be enormous. The rewards of making China part of a global supply chain, while considerable, can be illusive when you compete in a globalizing world.

To engage this opportunity successfully, it takes a lot more than a few managers who have navigated the territory. It requires a sophisticated and practical risk management strategy designed to identify problems early and deploy backup resources, as required, quickly — resulting in minimum disruptions.

Our belief is that alignment between partners in the supply chain is the single most important factor in reducing and managing risk and that achieving that alignment is an absolute and critical step in building world-class global supply chains.

With William Marsh & Company ®, you have a risk-sharing partner, anchored in China, who has invested in hard assets devoted to managing the volatility and risk inherent in a global supply chain. A platform that has been built on a sophisticated, world-class process forged through decades of hard earned experience.

A Partnership With Substance

William Marsh & Company ® is a fully integrated supply chain company equipped to function seamlessly with our partners’ business models. With offices and operations in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Atlanta, we have established a global platform that delivers

a complete solution — from product development, engineering, manufacturing, exceptional quality assurance to final delivery of product to any location in the world.

Add to this a leadership team comprised of global veterans who have spent decades working on the ground, in the warehouses, in the factories, with the people, around the world — and you get an end-to-end supply chain solution proven to manage risk and deliver product at the highest level.

Creating The Missing Link

The state-of-the-art Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China, is a preeminent platform. The weakest link in a global supply chain has become the strongest.

This unique facility houses a proprietary, technology-centric system in which every component that comes through our doors is individually coded, then subjected to a rigorous and structured qualification process to enable manufacturing of products to the highest standards attainable in the category — ensuring near-zero defects.

This is the value of a partnership with William Marsh & Company ®. We invite you to join us in exploring your opportunities.


Choosing the right partner is the vital link.