The uncommon skill of getting from here to there.

The journey can be challenging on many levels.

Using China in your supply chain requires a logistics model that does far more than finding ways to deliver your goods. To be sure, it demands balance, experience and extraordinary skill to deliver consistently in a volatile global environment.

We deal carefully with the realities of moving products in a constantly changing world:  Geo-politics. Complex regulations. Cultural nuances. Confusing translation issues. Contingency plans and sophisticated communication platforms. Fitting these pieces together correctly is essential in delivering a smooth, efficient logistics supply chain.

People Create The Real Value

Above all, we know the culture, the language and the people of China. And we understand the regulatory landscape, who to work with and how to reach out to them. And that makes all the difference.

We build solutions that reflect a deep sensitivity to your business practices and the internal flows of your organization — so, from

the time the first container moves out, our process is integrated with your operations and the specific needs of your business platform, whether we ship to you, your distributors or direct to your customers.

Integrated Communication At Its Best

Our resources and experience are deep. We have master warehousing in the Marsh Engineering Center facility at the front end of the supply chain and additional warehouses in major cities and ports in China and the United States. All planning and logistics operations are directed from the nerve center of our operations located in the Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China.

From product development, production, quality assurance and logistics to delivery of product in the right time, at the right place — we build our partners a fully integrated supply chain with sophisticated logistics and communication driving a world-class operation.


A quality supply chain means on-time and perfectly packed.