"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.
If it doesn't exist, create it. Accept nothing as nearly right or good enough."
- Sir Henry Royce

Classic Rolls-Royce – a noble standard.

Sir Henry’s philosophy aptly sums up our quality assurance approach. We address the absolute necessity of maintaining rigid quality standards with a pervasive obsession with excellence — on the human level, on the process level, and on the technology level. The result is a hard-goods acceptance rate approaching zero defects, exceptional for any system. We invite you to see and experience first-hand this world-class operation.

A Pragmatic Process

We believe that the ideal process is defined by the most direct path to the optimum result. Essentially, it’s about knowing the real issues and cutting to the chase. An elegant simplicity seldom achieved in practice.

To begin with we establish engineering drawings and quality assurance protocols that are integrated into our production process. With fully signed-off engineering drawings and performance specifications as a platform, we code, measure, record and report a critical range of quality indicators. We track every piece, in real time, through a battery of tests designed to identify any flaws in manufacturing and assembly.

The Watchful Eye Of Advanced Technology

Our platform is elevated to true world class by our proprietary technology. Our IT engineers have designed and built a world-class sophisticated IT platform. This technology also allows remote access for our strategic partners and internal audit operations,

delivering a level of control that is unique in the categories in which we compete. The entire platform makes possible an exceptional level of flexibility in building an integrated supply chain that is customized for and aligned with the unique requirements of each strategic partner.

The Human Factor

Our human leverage is built on a culture in which we demand the highest levels of performance from our people, and we manage accordingly. Each person involved in our business is responsible for quality assurance at every level in our operations, and we do not compromise on this attitude.

The result is a quality assurance platform with a highly structured process in place that incorporates physical engineering specification, manufacturing integrity and functional performance testing that has no equal in our category.

Perhaps most important of all is the spirit with which our people approach the quality of their work. We promote openness and transparency regarding all quality-related topics, and we encourage full participation from our strategic partners in the quality assurance process. The upsides here are optimized communications, strong teamwork throughout the supply chain, and a uniform desire for excellence.

It’s a simple principle, really. The best quality assurance process is only as strong as the culture and the commitment of the people running it.


Quality assurance is the backbone of a strong supply chain.